Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday, 19 September 2011


Had a pretty adventurous week this week.........

me and my daisy

Finally managed to find a new job which is a huge relief! (and also a really great place to work, really relaxed people and a fantastic working environment, which is a rare thing to say on the first week of employment, or has been for me anyway)

Also had my wee sis over, which has been fantastic as she is my best friend as well and I love her to piece's. For the first 17 years of my life we shared a room together and incredibly, during that time, we never really argued to much and we never really hated each other. I think it was because we shared so many things creatively and made a sport of finding exciting music and art to show each other so our relationship became extremely collaborative (she featured quite heavily in some of my first video art that i did at college, which I will pick up again some day).

Our bedroom in itself was a crazy place, my sister has decorated her wall in all the colours of the rainbow and hung things up, she's a really creative person and it was reflected in our decoration, have actually uploaded a few photographs to show you what I mean.

old bedroom
my sisters wall(in part, it was much bigger that this)

my sister on the roof
my sister and glow stars

old bedroom
my part of the room

Back to this week, everyone is still ill, have managed to pass on the cold to Moonpie and I think Mr Ctek may be in the process of catching it as well, so we decided to keep it pretty tame. I popped over to Brick Lane festival in the day on Saturday, which was really chaotic and then we went out for food and drinks with Daisy(my sister) and her friend Jess Green, who is a poet particularly interested in Spoken word and a really interesting girl.

At the bus stop on the way home we had some fun taking jumping shots......

FJH and CTEK jumping
FJH and Ctek jumping

me and my daisy (sister)
me and dais having a go as well(I have to credit Mr Ctek for this amazing shot)

I also got some amazing shots of the lights on the riverside, which I'm actually pretty proud of as I've been trying to get good shots of this scene for the last 6 years and failing dismally (my small achievement this weekend!)

blackfriars bridge
blackfriars bridge

london eye
the london eye

Mostly though we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. It has been a wonderful, loving weekend.

my sister in the wall


As for my work, its coming along really well! I think I've cracked the painting thing finally and managed to find a style that has the same depth and richness of my digital work. Have been steadily working on my painting and forming idea's.........


studio plus me

studio (new piece in progress)

Going to be working on FJH's new single artwork today, which should be really fun as its not going to be a completely digital piece but instead a little photographic, watch this space for more details........

And, I think thats it!

Check out my facebook page if you haven't seen it-I update it more regularly than my blog:

Monday, 12 September 2011


Have been ill most of this weekend, so haven't really got much to say (and am still feeling worse for wear). Before the illness properly hit in I did get to see  Skriblah Dangogh perform at the Vibe Bar on Brick Lane for his album launch party. The crowd were all really warm and there was a feeling of love and unity in the room which I haven't felt in a long time, which has made me even more keen to venture out to other hip hop gigs.

Our terrace has finally been re-opened as well so have been enjoying the incredible views from above Bethnal Green Road (as demonstrated by Moonpie here).


Finished 'are you out there?' on Wednesday, I'm pretty happy with it but once it was finished i decided there wasn't much room for development with the series so its going to be a stand alone piece which is now for sale (anyone interested can contact me at felice_art[at]

Here it is:

'Are you out There?' :finished
full piece


'Are you out There?' :finished (detail)

'Are you out There?' :finished (detail)

'Are you out There?' :finished (detail)

'Are you out There?' :finished (detail)

'Are you out There?' :finished (detail)

Also, here's a little sneak peak at my first 'Urban Jungles' test piece, which is going really well and stylistically has more in common with 'The In between place' series I was working on last year. My decision to build my work up slowly rather than just throw down thick layers of paint is turning out really well and liberating my process a lot!

urban jungles test 1

Thats it for now!

Monday, 5 September 2011


Its been a bit of a mad week this week. Usually my lifestyle is quite paired back and relaxed, I spend my days working on art and other activities related to art but because it was Moonpies birthday this week we went a little crazy, by any standard our crazy is probably a quarter of that of people who would term themselves as 'party people' but still its affected me quite deeply. By Saturday morning I was in pieces mentally. Which has led me to the conclusion that alcohol + me = bad things, so I'm going to be making a concerted effort to not drink from now on. I always think of how Picasso would handle himself in any given situation, I don't know why because he's not my favourite artist by a long shot (and a mean bastard from what I can tell) but I guess its just that he was such a presence in the art world and became the embodiment of an artist. I bet if he met me when I was on one of my hyped moments he'd probably laugh in my face and call me a silly woman, which for some reason makes my cheeks burn a little, strange thing to say I know but I wouldn't want Picasso to think I was a silly woman.

Mid Week Moonpie (FJH), the C Tek and I went down to Shoreditch for a gig they were playing in the Electricity Showrooms,

FJH and CTEK playing Electricity Showrooms 1Sep2011

the venue was bizarre,  with a flashing 70's style dance floor and mirrored ceilings.

Electricity Showrooms 1Sep2011

I managed to get some really great shots though! But also ended up dancing like a crazy person to their set and becoming a little bit of a garish feature on the dance floor (embarrassing moment number 1).

Electricity Showrooms 1Sep 2011

Friday night my beloved brother and sister finally made a trek down to London for a meeting (about our exciting future project) and then rather OTT shindig in the bunker. It was wonderful to see them as I miss them all the time and often wish they were just down the road from me rather than an hour and half by train away.

Yesterday Moonpie and I popped down to the Saatchi Gallery to scope out 'The Shape of Things to Come: New Sculpture.' Of course being a Saatchi show I expected it to be pretty varied, was particularly impressed by a couple of artists though. Particular Folkert de Jong and his strange abstract characters, I spent some time looking into the eye's of a few of these sculptures and feeling unsettled but inspired.

Folkert de Jong, Seht der Mensch; The Shooting Lesson 2007

As for my own work,

New painting glowing in the dark

I have been painting fairly consistently over the week. I still have this nagging feeling that my idea is not quite there yet though, I'm going to finish these two canvases that I've been working on over the past month or so and then probably embark on a much bigger project with more scope.

New painting detail

New Painting detail

Today I will be looking at Rosseau (again-a painter i always go back to when I'm beginning a new thought process), Hip Hop culture (which is something that has started to intrigue me and feels culturally relevant) and symbolism in its many forms, especially in old masters paintings. I feel this is going to lead to some exciting new work, will keep you informed on the results. Have also been re educating myself on Folk Art and Outsider Art, found a really interesting Jamaican artist called Everald Brown which has been one of the start off points for this new idea, I've been denying my joy for painting nature for to long so can't wait to get back into it!

Everald Brown - Church Triumphant (1969)

And finally here's my Moonpie, who is currently snoozing on the sofa next to me unaware that my painting is sneaking up on him (he ate that yoghurt and then feel back to sleep, which is fairly typical).

FJH and my new painting

Ta Ta for now folks!

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