Sunday, 18 April 2010

good fabulous afternoon

hello folks,

done a bit of uploading today and thought I'd give you all some lovely updates on what I've been doing.....

at the moment I am working on some graphics for moonpie(FJH), you can listen to his music here:

its a BIG project, was working on it most of yesterday, has the same aesthetic as the comic edit I did the yesterday, as I think my hand drawn style is a tad twee for dubstep, was actually pretty satisfying doing something with a little blood and a smidgen of terror, after a while cuteness tends to get annoying, I always like a little red round the eyes!

Took my postcards to Brixton yesterday, hadn't been to Brixton for quite some time, probably around 2 years or so, funny how in London you stay on your side of the pond predominantly, its really not that far removed from living in a small town, except we have more choice of food, theatre and art, anyway I'm getting sidetracked, Brixton has changed, a lot, its got an amazing feeling to it, there's excitement in the air, think the combination of cultures and creatives gives it that edge, it smells of the market and of the night before and feels like a different city, less lacquered and more frantic(but strangely in a very relaxed way)


Also been doing a little something something for my friend Sam(DJ Roman) would post a link to his music but can't find one, anyway, a couple of years ago he picked up this plastic fish I had made and stuck it on the back of his laptop, amazingly it has stayed on ever since, even through its sickness, so he asked me to make him another fish for his new baby(which is sexy beyond belief) so I made him a fish


and in the process made myself a funny little creature for my laptop



don't worry nearly finished!

Also thought I may as well include an image I did for an exhibition in London Bridge a few weeks back called Live Art, as I have been doing many things that I've forgotten to scan(including a mini book explanation of Feptopia)


as per usual I have plenty more images on my flickr, if you fancy checking them out and I'm going to try and get a scan of that book so I can post it on here, enjoy your sunny Sunday!

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