Friday, 23 April 2010

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grump grump

does anybody else get annoyed by the amount of applications they send out to the ratio of things you get in response, it drives me a little mad bananas, i start to think i need to develop my stuff to get a response, but i work on it all day everyday, i don't know how much more i can give it

grump grump

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  1. oh joy, i've got all that to come. i guess all you can do is just hang in there and keep trying and creating.someone is bound to take an interest =]
    As for development, my tutors constnatly tell me to look at other illustraotrs and artists and whats going on right now. websites, magazines,books, blogs,radio ,journals,film and news are all god sources. i don't really understnad how it can help though somtetimes, i guess the mind subconciously just absorbs possible useful bits like a sponge for later use =]


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