Tuesday, 27 April 2010

a wee round up(i'm a badass now!)

so..... had a hickedly pickeldy few weeks, have an interview for a job in an ice cream shop tomorrow, had a show on friday that left me a littel red faced, finally went to see the great chris ofili and turned badass, you'll see what i mean in the pictures.....

think i'm going to go the dark side, have decided that twee is wonderful but a little frustrating, so there will still be the same kind of characters and trees but some not so nice stuff going on underneath them, i keep flicking between styles, maybe because i'm a little sad and searching for something i'm not getting, whatever it is i think they're cohesive enough so i don't look like i'm a schizophrenic image maker with no similar thread through my things

oh and goo is back people, back in a big way, while i am paintless due to lack of space i have gone a little nuts with the old 3d fabric paints and am turning the bad boys into 3d stickers, which..... well....you'll soon spy what one means

an ice cream shop.......doesn't that sound like great fun?

ART SHOW--friday



yup, so thats where it lives now and even though I'm terrible at being subtle i think i will be doing it again very soon

1 comment:

  1. oh!
    and i'm finally learning russian

    фелис перкынс

    thats my name i spelled it myself


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