Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3D stickers(my new etsy shop)

as per usual sorry if you're reading about this in both blogs!

Righto, have started making 3D stickers out of 3D paint and selling them on etsy, they range from 5-10cm x 4-8 1/2 cm and stick to virtually any flat surface. the 3d stickers are a concept i've recently come up with. A friend requested one some weeks ago and once I had made him one many others began to ask for them as well so I thought I'd give selling them on the internet a try. They're very tactile and plastic based and look almost edible, almost.

If you're interested take a look in my shop....


  1. Just to warn you there is a problem with url if you follow that link. I don't know if it is just my computer but I thought I'd tell you just to make sure.

    Heh I already have hundreds of these stuck on my computer - hurrah!

    Everything is gone from our flat apart from a bed. Emptiness is quite nice.

  2. cheers for telling me dais, have fixed url now

    emptiness is indeed quite nice! you excited about moving to pastures green?


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