Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hello anyone that reads this blog

Sorry I haven't posted any work for a little while, have been working on some larger scale images which I want to perfect before I show you all and getting involved with some really exciting stuff which I'll tell you about later.

On Saturday morning I had an audition to be in a girls only graffiti collective, had to crawl out of bed pretty early and make my way up many flights of stairs to this wonderful space in east London. There I met the girl in charge of the project who was inspiring in her ambition and worked with two other very talented ladies on a large scale piece which had to relate to networking. We had an hour and a half to come up with something and I think the end product was impressive considering we had just met. To be honest I don't think I got in, as some of my pen work was a little messy and the first sight this girl had of me was as a sweaty wheezing mess, but I find out for sure on Thurdsay.

Here are some pictures she sent me, when I got them in my email Moonpie and I looked through them and burst into hysterics when we saw the face I was pulling in the group shot.


  1. wow! that is large scale.
    this is a really interesting collaberation, the idea is clever and there's so much in there!
    just out of curiocity, how did u come about the collaboration? u said u didn't know the girls.

    lol you and and the girl on the end are both pulling the same face.

  2. erm, well i think i wrote it in the post but it was an audition, so they were also auditioning as well


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