Sunday, 6 June 2010

ideas forming

felt very creative this morning which has been something that has become quite rare in the last month or so, felt like i was sprouting with ideas!

the ideas are as follows, some sort of himage to boschs heaven and hell paintings, littered with fashionistas, powerful men and celebrities, amybe in heaven and then in hell all the common folk, but this is only just starting to form so it will probably change before they become a reality, speaking of reality the chronicles is going pretty well, have written out some of the story and its all starting to merge into my head as one giant script,

all in all a pretty good sunday, aside from the fact that there is no f1 and have been very sedate since yesterday so my tummy feels pretty squidgy, but sometimes its good to have that feeling as it makes you want to work even harder for a non squidgy tummy

here are the two things i've been workin on today, they're sort of preludes to my new work

1 comment:

  1. I like to see you going back the grotesque voguesk images.
    They were very daunting.


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