Saturday, 31 July 2010

business cards

 Hello Everyone

i have had a wonderful past few days working for the rents in the wool world, spying on them and meeting all their com padres(a lovely set of people) and now am totally blasted, thought i would post my new business card designs (sarah i took your advice and went with moo, liked the layout of their website and their ethos), moonpie gave me a brilliant idea about making them into bespoke collectors items, so this is my first design I'm sure you recognize the image and the text, it took me quite a long time to settle on the layout but i think i found something that works, 

also have some interesting things in development at the moment, rents show got me two new jobs, erotic art and childrens book illustration, i will keep you all informed about how they progress, am formulating ideas for them at the moment..

buisiness card2aflickr

buisiness card2b


  1. Good card Fep - was lovely to see you and Moonpie and spend some quality time together. Moonpie was very well behaved and Mum & I were grateful for that, guess there are corners being turned by everyone at the moment!

  2. corners for all!
    had a good weekend too papa, guess we'll see you before you move

  3. awesome! i love the patterns and deatil on the text. i may be paying MOO a visit later this year too.


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