Friday, 16 July 2010


hello everyone!

what a mad few weeks its been since i last posted... have been working on this show for a wicked company called tasting sessions, have been working flat out(in between shifts at the ice cream shop have been painting manically or visiting my wonderful wee sis in liverpool or generally just hurting)
just got a phone call from one of the ladies in charge and the event license didn't come through in time, SOOO it has been postponed till mid August now! I'm both relieved and a little confused, this means I can get my work looking absolutely perfect, prepare my buisiness cards and a little outfit for the event but it also means the flat out hyper work weekend I had in store now can be a calm tootling along getting stuff done weekend, and it also feels a little like it negates the major work effort I've been putting in over the last few weeks, oh well

heres the work so far...........




  1. Hi Fep

    The work looks excellent - very impressed with the black figure and the heads look much better now with defined eyes/nose etc. Don't worry about the project being put back it's probably a blessing in disguise and if you've already put the work in you can work on getting it exactly as you want it. Also hope you have time to work some more on the comic - just joined the blog when you took a break...will leave you a separate comment on the blog.
    Keep up the good work and it was lovely to see you both in Liverpool - sorry I missed saying goodbye but was exhausted and went and collapsed in the tent!!
    Dad xx

  2. hey papa
    sorry it took a little while to reply, have been relaxing to the absolute max
    comic may get a big shake up in coming weeks, we'll see how everything else goes, i think its going to be re-written for sure though, as i have some idea's for it...
    was good to see you too, was a bit confused when you disappeared but assumed you were very tired
    see you in two weeks(i'm really excited!)

  3. sounds like you have had some very busy is looking good..i esp like the black figure with interchangeable set of paiting also look intriguing! have u sorted business cards yet? if not my freind gave me a link to a great site, who specialise in prinitng business cards,among other design=y things, its called MOO Designs =]

  4. hi sarah

    the black figure will eventually have the heads coming out of the bin bag, trying to formulate ways to make it more interesting, plus i've loaded the head with stuff and now its too heavy to just sit on the top so i have to work out how to safely attach the entire thing so it doesn't fall down

    will look up moo designs, have designed my own business card but i want to get the highest quality print i can find


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