Sunday, 15 August 2010

clear paint updates

hello everyone!

how is your sunday going?

thought i would update you all on my clear varnish paintings as i'm slightly obsessing about them at the moment. i think i need to do some serious research on the idea, which is still hovering around the wealth divide...... but to make them tighter pieces i may just focus on one deprived area particularly. maybe i'll start off by looking at poverty in the uk and then expand out, but i need to read more.....

they're not getting much love on society6 not sure if thats because of my change of style/ lack of graphic content or that people just don't dig them(i dig them). whatever it is, i've decided to not let it get me down and have made the decision to just be free and do whatever feels most natural at the time.  i have always admired people that have range and capacity for change, each body of work should be loved but i don't feel they need to be tied together by anything in particular, maybe thats not the best route commercially but i'm more bothered about my personal happiness then personal gain(thanks for that mum and dad)

saying that i think i have a natural style that holds all my work together, i'd like to think i have that in common with chris ofili(i know his genius outshines mine though, i have no delusions of grandeur!)

disclaimer: i'm not saying anyone with a developed continuous style is a bad artist, there's a lot of people that work in this way who i really admire, i just don't think its best for me 

should i stop rambling? yeah i think thats best.......  here's some more work!...........

tricky place

clear paint7aa

tricky place details

clear paint7a

clear paint7b

clear paint7c

clear paint7d

work sketches/painting plans

crash bang lady 





  1. i really like the the right half of the "tricky place". the brushstokes and paint blobs/dribble mark this method is producing are also very interesting =]

  2. thanks dais-will ring you tomorrow, bad day

  3. sarah-it was wonderful to find the technique, i've been looking for something like this for years but its never hit the spot before


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