Friday, 13 August 2010

its voting time

goshness, last night i was in a tizzle when i got home about how to hang these day of the dead paintings, after that was solved (stick them to the wall with velcro, i'm not sure why i didn't just think of that earlier)
i'm now in a tizzle as to how to present the paintings online, have been scanning and farting about all day trying to find the best way, as always i prefer the more abstract way of presenting them but i thought i'd ask everyone here as i REALLY NEED the advice.....

do i.......

do the usual presentation, scanned on my crappy scanner so i had to readjust the colours in photoshop and its a little blurry.....



do the abstract patchwork of high quality images which are much more lush


the other option is pop down to my local printers and get them scanned there......

please help!

oh, and my tasting sessions stuff is totally finished! i can't believe its ready to go, i'm excited now


  1. I like option B - gives the picture texture - obv not sure how it looks in real life but better on the screen.

  2. i agree with you there papa, adds a new element to the pieces


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