Thursday, 12 August 2010

real life

new FJH track, listen while you browse, its one of my favourites so far...
  FJH - CryStep VIP by FJH

i have been working very hard today to not get sucked into my screen as yesterday i literally spent every minute from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed editing and finding myself stuff to do on my laptop, i find when that happens that i totally disconnect, i'm sure everyone has the same problem though,

i'm often torn about internet time, i know i spend far to much time wandering around the www, but i just always find something i need to research or to check, think i go on hotmail about 20 times a day, since i've left facebook i've been on blogger and society 6 ALOT more as well, i even exercise to a screen!

the thing  found most interesting about my growing compulsion is how it makes me view my work, i can look at it in context to others and compare styles, skill and composition which i think has pushed me into developing myself faster than if i didn't have this tool, it also makes me think about how each piece will scrub up online, last night that started a thought tangent about how much artwork is viewed on a screen compared to in reality, i must look at 50 pieces of art/illustration minimum on a splurge day, which after writing it down makes me realize how much that is! i go to a gallery maybe once every few weeks, so my main art intake is from the web and i believe this must be the same for most people.

i know i'm not writing this very articulately but hopefully you understand my meaning, anyway i have to go, will leave you with a couple of photo's i took of my art in progress mess, i'm really excited about how my new paintings are going, it makes me feel like a real painter again....

front room

front room1


  1. looking good!
    most of the art i see is online too! easiest,fastest way to view it.The Net is a powerfull tool!

  2. Good post to read - glad things are so positive in your world. Fred got his BT job in case you hadn't heard and Daisy is home at the weekend. The internet is a massive draw for us all - just got to balance it all out. Love Phil's new track - more of the same please :-)
    Love Dad xx

  3. i sat and listened to the whole FJH trackslist the other night.It's really good! There are lots on there that i really like.think my faves so far are the "Angels"one,"Crystep," "Flying guillotine" and "Hearltics execution" =] Keep it up Phil!


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