Wednesday, 1 September 2010


the last few days have been spent in my parents house in hollesley bunched up in a duvet shivering and feeling sorry for myself, i did something rather silly on sunday night which i have been feeling shameful about ever since(maybe one day when the shame goes down a little i may share with you all what it was, for lets just say i didn't kill anyone or hurt anything, just embarrassed myself rather more than normal)

there have also been some pretty important birthdays over the last couple of days, my sisters yesterday and my moonpies today, so have been trying to celebrate as much as my body will let me(can't remember last time i was sick, it has to have been several months ago though)

i feel like i should have something to show y'all even though i haven't been working this week really, i'll show you some in progress shots of a painting i started before coming home, am really excited about where my work is going at the moment, have been researching paints and materials more extensively than ever before for my new stuff




  1. i really love the 1st one - keeps the humour in your work whilst exploring a new medium. Think it has some similarity to your laptop stickies but is more rounded (if you know what I mean). Has been lovely to have you home for a days and I'm sorry you weren't well, probably the toxic country air...heehee...take care. Love Dadx

  2. i know what you mean, i think they're a natural progression from the stickies(i'm tickling my childlike sense of awe with this work, which is satisfying)
    was nice to be home, i think maybe this sicky was a combination of something we picked up in london teamed with over consumption, who knows though


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