Friday, 3 September 2010

still sicky

couldn't sleep on my stomach last night, it was a really odd experience actually, normally i end up belly down snoring away but because of the searing pain i had to stay sideways on and fend off moonpies incessant leg that likes to hook round my tummy, it was a constant game of leg and tummy which meant not much sleep last night(AGAIN)
now i'm back in bed after attempting to get up and failing and had to take the day off, i don't know if anyone else gets this but i always feel like i'm lying when i take a sick day, even if i'm telling the truth i feel like i'm faking it, bed is comfy though, i'm going to make lots of little fimo creatures and watch some terribly cheesy films(not sure what they will be yet though)

the air is wonderful today, it has that crisp autumnal freshness that reminds me of new school uniforms and the accumulation of a whole summers worth of planning and fretting, my best autumn was the first year of college, when all was new and so very exciting, i do miss that feeling, now other more complex thoughts and emotions have taken its place, sometimes i wonder if it is something i could get back by moving out of london, going somewhere smaller and fresher,
the urge to move is again calling, i feel like my time in london was educational but that everything has moved on and although i love this city i want to find other places to explore, i just have to wait for moonpie to sort out his citizenship (which could take years depending on what route he takes)

i'm going to stop rambling..........
heres a painting i did for mooma and moopa as an apology for forgetting birthdays etc.



  1. looks like the dye studio. i like the way you have painted you and Moonpie,the giant sheep made me laugh too =]

  2. heh, its actually supposed to be mum and dad but i didn't use a reference so its not very accurate


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