Tuesday, 12 October 2010

birthday in richmond

as promised here is a little blog about my birthday yesterday

us-moonpie doesn't like the couple photo thing, as you can probably tell

it was a long trip across london but after an hour and a half was arrived in richmond, to begin with i was a little taken aback as i expected to immediately step into a lovely village like environment but instead found a posh high street, we traipsed around for some time grappling with an italian map until finally we found richmond park

richmond park trees

richmond park pen pond

moonpie and i pen pond

it was huge and sporadic, littered with patches of trees and lots and lots of deer, i wanted to take photo's but there were so many groups of people standing around them doing the same thing so i just left and took afew photo's of the scenery instead, the deer were making the most horrendous noise, they sound like confused cows, the stags were shouting and each other and pacing around, not quite sure why, we decided to sit and have a cheap ice cream on a hill while we discussed our future pets(i'm going to have a little black scottie and he wants a chihuahua) then we made our way to the riverside to find some food

richmond water front ice cream

ricmond waterfront boats

richmond waterfront bridge

nothing seemed particularly appetizing on the riverside and after some more walking we finally found a lovely little bistro called cote and had some very tasty steak, it was the perfect birthday and a wonderful way to hail in my next year of life

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  1. why was the map Italian?
    it's looks really pretty and peaceful,apart from the shouting deer.


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