Friday, 29 October 2010

don't expect any new art soon

i'm retreating from posting artwork online for the next few months

(except for my comic, which starts again this monday, to catch up on whats happened so far just swing by the blog  )

this is because i seriously need to pull together all my varied styles and create one artistic persona, i also really need to brush up on my drawing skills. So my blog will become more of site for my inspiration, I'm going to do 3 weekly postings

Monday will be 'Adventure Monday' which will be a recap of the week and a little prose perhaps,

Wednesday will be 'Review Wednesdays' where I'll review a recent film or book I have read or watched

Friday will be 'Video Friday' where I'll post a recent video I have found on Vimeo and enjoyed

Expect original artwork back on the blog in February or March of next year, when hopefully I will have found a glorious new style that all knock you all sideways,

Have a lovely weekend folks and here's a link to the most fantastic illustrator I found on behance yesterday


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