Sunday, 17 October 2010

i frickin love my desk

woke up this morning full of ideas and inspiration, ran straight to my desk

mad mess desk

and decided I need to readjust my wall of inspiration, its really important for me to have lots of things to look at while i'm working, it keeps me inspired, so I went online and found a couple of bosch painting I really love and printed out some klimt, some lacheppelle photographs(i like to have courtney love on my wall, it reminds me of how ambitious and excited i was as a teenager, plus lachapelle photographs her so honestly) and a few of my own pieces that I've been working on, now when I look up it makes me so happy, ideas start buzzing about the place

my wall

i even have my brother and sister here with me, its quite an old photograph now but it makes me happy to have their faces close by


have started some proper paintings, its such a relief to hold the canvas in my hand, i feel myself relaxing as i paint and explore each possibilty, now i'm not holding back as i work, the detail and strangeness and pain and joy all is coming out as i work, i don't know where its taking me but thats ok

new work

probably going to pop down to london fields in a little while for a pint and a little bit of voyeurism, life is good today, i love sundays!

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