Wednesday, 27 October 2010

i was in amelias magazine yesterday

and i'm really proud of the piece i did for it:
amelias magazine article

.....and here is the piece in question:

amelias magazine-le train bleu

not much else to say really, finishing off a painting at the moment for a book cover and teaching myself lost techniques in drawing, also lusting after a new winter coat

thinking either sexy and fitted:

ASOS | ASOS Button Corset Waist Mac at ASOS

or cute:

ASOS | ASOS Wool Hooded Duffle Coat at ASOS

and drawing board, which is a little more difficult to decide on


  1. nice job on the article piece,quite liking the greys. How do you get into Amelia's magazine? did you just email them your work? do you have to have and interest in fashion illustration?

    I think the "cute" coat looks more cosy =]

  2. follow her and the magazine on twitter sarah (just look them up on google), they tweet when they need someone

    coat wise have decided to go with something else totally, but the duffle does look really snug

  3. ok. will keep and eye out.thanks =]


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