Friday, 12 November 2010

hi everyone(video friday)

I'm super sorry if you follow this blog and have noticed the down turn of posting in the last few weeks, I have been on a voyage of self discovery artistically which means lots of painting and thinking and slowly weening off my bad internet based habits(like checking society6 4 times a day and comparing myself to everything I find posted online).

This also means cutting down the blog and even my comic, which I had decided to re-start but now in retrospect seems a little irrelevant to what I'm doing right now. I can't show you all my work at this time but rest assured that I will be posting after the new year, maybe in March, but I'm now thinking in May as I will be getting married and adopting Moonpies surname (Zhukov-Zhukova if you're female) so will start using that name artistically, I'll also be launching a website around that time full of tasty treats to either purchase or just enjoy.

As for Video Friday, for Homer I've found something lovely to watch, I have to admit it was the first video that came up on Vimeo but after looking over a few things I love the mood of this video postcard, even though its set in Bali it reminds me of Thailand in lots of ways, so here you go........

Postcard from Bali (Canon 5d MkII) from Stephan Kot on Vimeo.

As an added bonus I've also got Kate Tempest reciting Cannibal Kids, a nifty little bit of poetry my sister turned me on to yesterday.....



  1. Oh wow,Congratulations to you both!
    Hope the voyage is going well =]

  2. just visited your other blog, thank you for sharing such inspirations!


  3. Fep I'm glad you have found your path...I lose a daughter but gain a mad russian son - works for me :-))
    Don't give up on the comic - you need to take it to a conclusion at least.
    Thanks for the videos, I really enjoyed both of them and Kate Tempest is wickedly good!! (made a chill run up my spine).

  4. thank you sarah and sympathy, my inspirations are plentiful! (currently researching burma a little)

    papa- in russian i take your first name as my middle name, so i'll be felice filipiva(thats a terrible spelling of it me thinks) zhukova, exciting eh? as for comic, its not over, its just back on the back burner, when i have the time and inclination i'll return to it again, or when it calls me! kate tempest is indeed kewl, dais made me watch it while we were on the phone the other day, she has fierce stage presence, reminds me of lots of people you see on the squat scene, though they're not always so talented

  5. I remember now you or Phil telling me something about the russian naming a while back, I had forgotten about it. It's rather like using the "son of" of "daughter of" addition that is common many cultures, I think it's rather nice.
    Fair play on the comic - I'll keep looking in occasionally to see if there developments.
    What happened to Adventure Monday this week?
    Love Dad xx

  6. i don't have many adventures to relay at the moment except sitting in front of canvas feeling my temperature rise in annoyance, gonna post something now though papa



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