Tuesday, 16 November 2010

quick find

I HAVE to show you this painter I found on my travels, His name is James Jean and he's a genius! His use of paint is totally flawless, I love all the whimsical marks that if you inspect closer are thought about in great detail. I am completely besotted by the American art scene at the moment, it feels like painters hone their techniques in such interesting ways and are allowed to be accomplished craftsman as well as visionaries, I think canada is like this as well(judging by Tessar Lo), more visual less conceptual, hopefully I 'll find this when we move to Toronto in about 20months or so......

james jean-website

Oh, also watched the most wonderful documentary about Henry Darger (an incredible outsider artist) last night, it uses his paintings to illustrate the story ('In The Realms of the Unreal') that he spent his life creating. The visuals are amazing they use all sorts of clever technology to make the paintings into animations and scenes, I thoroughly recocommend giving it a look.....

henry darger film(imdb)

thats all for now, hope y'all are well

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  1. 'm not English, excuse my English. I really like your work, especially painting.


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