Thursday, 9 December 2010

mad pain thursday

I'm currently lying in bed curled over with my moonpie sending me invisible hate rays because i made him turn off battlefield, so thought now was the best time to write the post i promised on sunday...

house(last christmas)

Life is simmering at the moment, i've put my painting on hold as its nearly christmas and instead am getting into the business of making presents and cards for my favourite holiday of the year. This year is significant as it is the last we'll be spending at my family home, our celebrations normally involve plenty of gorging and drinking so we will be toasting to the house this Christmas and all the wonderful family memories we have had there......

my sister, daisy(christmas morning)
my sister-daisy(last christmas)

daisy and her man, mark(christmas)
daisy-her boyfriend mark(last christmas)

my brother, fred and moonpie
my brother(fred) and moonpie(last christmas)

and another
moonpie, fred(last christmas)

last years tree
christmas tree(last christmas)

the dogs in the garden-i think i'll miss the garden more than the house
ted and loki(last christmas)

The reason its our last Christmas at home is because my parents are selling the house and moving on to pastures green. They are taking a big leap, my dad has stopped working and now they're focusing on their business The Natural Dye Studio, its awe inspiring how dedicated they are, in a world where the future is misty they have taken such a big risk, i think they may be the bravest people i know and therefore I'm not worried about their future.

mama(last christmas)
mama and papa(last christmas)

papa(last christmas)
papa(last christmas)

Also, after Christmas Moonpie and I will be going to Thailand for a month, his parents live in Vladivostock, Russia, in winter it can get as cold as -31°C(thats a record low, its average low is -17°C) so they pack up and go live in Phuket for a few months to escape the cold. Last year was my first visit and it was a real eye opener, affecting me in ways I can't even explain. Moonpie and I spent the month living with his parents, driving round the Island of Phuket on a scooter, eating noodles every day and soaking up the suns rays, it was heaven and I can't wait to go back, I even bought my first bikini in anticipation of the trip.

moonpie and his parents(where we lived last year)
the zhukov clan(thailand jan2010)

better picture of moonpies mama
mama zhukova(thailand2010)


So, any work that I do until February will be either as gifts or sketches, I realized this while I was painting on Monday, its a little scary because I have put alot of energy into my new work but I guess when I get back I'll be able to look at the paintings with fresh eyes and perhaps even add to the content. Fortunately (and perhaps even wisely on my part) the idea is so broad and expansive that each little house in the landscape is only decided on once I sit down to paint, so it should be easy to ease back into my work in February.


  1. the place where moonpie's parents live looks so nice! love the butterfly on the window too.

    Fred told me about your parents finally moving out the other day. Must be really strange for you all,but exciting! They're moving next to the studio aren't they? up the road.

  2. Wonderful post Feppie, got me a little emotional :-)) ...tear in the eye and all looking forward to having you all home for Xmas and I'm so proud of my babies and the way you've accepted our decision. It will be something to look back at one day when we're back on our feet again, but you know what they say - no pain, no gain ;-) Love Dad xx

  3. sarah- it is exciting, the future is uncertain but not scary
    papa-glad i squeezed out a tear! mwhahahahaa


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