Saturday, 18 December 2010

snow, mush and many photo oppurtunities

when i woke up this morning i looked out my front room window in my usual waking up ritual and saw that there was a light dusting of snow around the main walkways, felt a little dissapointed as i have been hoping for proper snow for the last fortnight and sat down for my cereal and yoghurt. in the space of about 30 minutes, the light dusting turned into a much thicker glossier layer of real snow, it must have gain at least 3 cm of snow in that short time, the snowflakes swirling down in a wonderful chaos which is, for me, as relaxing to watch as listening to the sea. my first hopes was that perhaps we'd get a snow day, but after a quick realization that work at the moment is pretty much no different from home except i can't smoke in side and have on tap ice cream whenever i fancy it, my thoughts turned to wondering how central looked.
we live on bethnal green road, which by all accounts is quite a busy place, there's always something going on outside, whether its a fight between drunks, teenagers or taxi drivers, singing girlies at 3 in the morning, cars catching fire, demonstrations or the sound of the bars across the road singing their karaoke or listening to football. so i knew that the snow wouldn't last on the road and if that was the case here it would certainly be the case in the middle of london... but how would the mush look? how would nelson look with a dusting of the white stuff sitting atop his lofty hat, i decided to make my way down to the square before work and get some photo's......

snow1.bird head man
i was taking pictures of this seagull for ages trying to get the composition right, just as i was giving up and walking away i turned around and it was perfect

i love it when the tree's have that light layer of snow on them, they look so noble reflection
this is st martins church reflected in the crypt next to it, originally i was just interested in a very dolled up baby being prepared to be taken outside but when i looked up i saw the reflection and the glass roof and the photo really just took itself

i love the cold pallet of this photo, its actually intended to be part of a larger collage i'll probably start after i finish this post, the water looks so violent and powerful in this shot and the couple of girls walking past frame it so perfectly, honestly i don't how my camera finds these shots, especially as i can only see half the screen

snow5.boat in a jar
love the movement of the seagull here, i've been hanging out with the seagulls a lot at Trafalgar square recently they make the funniest noise and i love their skinny unstable looking legs

snow6.fountain stream
my favourite photo, the water in the fountains had iced over a little and the ice really brought out the blue of the pools, it was as magnificent in real life

sometimes i feel so blessed to live in this city, the austerity and nobility of the architecture in places is breathtaking, i walk around feeling like a tourist, trying to take in all the sights that i can, i love the squirrels and pigeons and rats and rude boys and taxi drivers and burkha wearing ladies and foxes and corner shop owners and tourists and everything else that makes up the rich fabric of london. everything is so wonderful right now, i can taste christmas and thailand, seeing the family and scooting around paradise, oh joy!

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  1. you've captured some lovely, interesting photos there. love the ones of the fountains and the seagull on Nelsons(?)head is brilliant,they're even facing the exact same way as they gaze out at the world together.


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