Friday, 7 January 2011


hello everyone!

some of you may have spied the post that was briefly up the other day of a drawing i've done in thailand, unfortunately it wasn't uploading in a high enough quality so i decided to take it down

as some of you may well know(especially if we're friends on facebook) i'm currently on the island of phuket in thailand, visiting moonpies folks, who are out here every year. thailand is always a total culture shock for me to begin with, it takes me about a week to get into the pace of life here and 2 weeks to actually be able to start relaxing(i come from a family of workaholics), so i'm just starting to get my bearings now. like all holidays there have been ups and downs, so far the most incredible part of my adventure has been seeing the fireworks over patong beach on new years, which were so relentless and awe inspiring that they literally brought tears to my eyes. 

the other notable thing that always brings a smile to my face here is all the stray dogs that wander around, because of the Buddhist culture here people are very kind to all creatures great and small and the dogs come and go as they please, its wonderful to see them lazing about at temples, darting about in packs in the trees around patong, or casually pattering around the beach, you can't pet them but they aren't vicious either and they will always be happy to eat any snack that you provide.

this year i've actually been able to draw, which makes a huge change from the 2010, when i was totally stumped here and unable to create anything without getting really frustrated. i've been working on a phuket inspired landscape and drawing small scenes inspired by the prostitutes, fruit vendors, builders and beach goers. the thai people inspire me a lot because the way they live is really different, its more family orientated and because its still a developing country their means are often smaller. this doesn't seem to make them angry or unhappy though, in fact i often think they generally seem more at peace than most british people i see, but maybe thats because i live in london.

anyway, here's a few snaps for your viewing pleasure;

naithin beach, phuket
arbitary beach shot, naithon

big buddha, phuket
big buddha, who has come a very long way from when we last saw him a year ago

amazing pup, rasta bar, phuket
possibley the coolest dog on phuket

sleepy pup, phuket
a sleepy stray at the lighthouse

random boys, phuket
a photo i took from my car window, the glass is tinted so i don't know whether they saw me or not, though it looks like they did.....

naithin beach, phuket
best shot of the holiday so far, totally explains the beach for me and was literally just in front of my chair on naithon beach

fireworks over patong, phuket
fireworks over patong, those little lights are lanterns, the sky is full of them for about 4 hours at least


  1. Thailand looks like a wonderful place to visit. I'm sure you will find much inspiration there. Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

    - Chaz -
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  2. Thats ok Chaz, I do love to share.....


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