Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I can smell spring in the air

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, since getting home I've been really busy. I have my wedding to plan, my sisters hen party to help organize, various works I need to make for people and my personal work. Mostly this week has been spent creating a rather large and intricate piece that I'm planning to enter into a competition/collaboration on the site society 6, which you will all get to see in due course, but there probably won't be any new landscapes until at least mid march. I'm getting loads of really positive feedback on them though, which makes me feel like that little bit of time I took out to develop the idea was actually well used!

Spring is coming! I can smell it in the air, flowers are starting to appear where there was only cold wet ground, the cherry blossom buds are appearing on tree's and the sun has started to show his warm face again. I love this time of year, yesterday I went for a lovely stroll around Victoria Park and took some photographs which I thought I'd share with you all now,(one installment of 5 today and another installment of 5 tomorrow), enjoy.........

bethnal green road

cherry blossom is coming!

plane lines vici park

man baby and waterfall vici park

another flower thing vici park

Oh, and my artist of the week is now online(this week its pip and pop):

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