Tuesday, 22 February 2011


afternoon all,

hows everyone doing today? i hope well........

last week i had a pretty fabulous breakthrough, i was talking to my friend amy about my painting and particularly about the how textural it used to be, she suggested using some sort of smooth surface around my canvases like a mold so i could set my medium and it would become smoother.... which resonated with me totally! as soon as i got home i started planning more textural paintings again, keeping within the realms of my current idea but really going to town with all the techniques i've been developing over the years

heres a few images of old paintings <(link)

so.... i've begun my first test piece to see how it goes, i've made my characters 3 dimensional and will be creating a rich and somewhat transparent base of mediums etc which i will then be placing the ladies on to, which will set them properly, here are my ladies:

fimo ladies
close up of ladies

fimo ladies
ladies with the canvas they'll one day sit on and a little peak at my daily view on my desk

also, i'm still chipping away at some new digital landscapes, they probably won't be ready for at least a month if not two, i'm working on a set of 5 at the moment, all quite different and though i want to show you all the progress i don't want to spoil the surprise!

as for life,

moonpie and i traveled down to hollesley this weekend to see the wedding venue and paid a deposit, it feels a touch more real now but i don't think i'll really feel like a bride to be until i've got the dress on...... and moonpie, who had a horrible spell of chickenpox last week has completely recovered now, which is a big relief as the flat had started to smell like illness....


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  1. wow! sounds like you have an incredibly busy month or as ahead. what's the wedding venue?

    you new developing work looks like its going to be really good, looking forward to seeing the results! i like the incorporation of 3D elements in your works, the older ones are lovely, with all the colours kinds of bleeding together.

    glad the flat is now illness free.xx


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