Saturday, 26 March 2011


Good afternoon one and all,

I'm currently quite under the weather (think I have the flu, yesterday I spent all day in bed watching 90210 and making particularly unattractive throaty noises while cry moaning), so after some mental debate I have decided to give my blog a little exclusive.

after I've had somewhat of a ramble........

Also managed to finish another large landscape yesterday, unfortunately I won't be posting it for some time as my process usually involves not looking at the work for about a week then coming back to it and editing it over the process of another week or two until I'm finally somewhat satisfied with the result(I can never be totally satisfied with anything I do, which I believe is a curse many creative folk suffer from)

This time next week my baby sister will be getting married! I'm not sure if I've even mentioned it on this blog but its something I have been getting excited about for many weeks now, I'm not sure exactly how we both managed to plan our weddings within 2 months of each other, i guess we've always been close but also tried to maintain our individuality(hence us not getting married together), the weddings will be very different events, my sisters promises to be a good old knees up, lots of fine company, merriment and laughter, whereas mine will be more intimate and family orientated-both should be equally fun in different ways.....

there's one thing I'm very keen to point out here though-our choosing to get married this spring, so close together is not in any way related to the royal wedding, i really do not give a toss about the royal wedding, I won't be watching it and I don't care what dress shes wearing or whose invited, in fact generally I'm not interested in weddings at all, when I was about 13 I went through a stage of wanting to get married in Westminster Abbey in a gold dress with lots of chicken bridesmaids but that stage passed very quickly and since then I have rarely fantasized about my marriage, which has made it much easier to plan for

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling now and show you some work, this is something I have been working on over the course of the week, which I would personally describe as a natural style development within the inbetween place series, I've decided to try and make the faces more emotive by changing the structure of the eyes, I've also been enlarging the original drawings to 3x their size so I can really carve out as much detail as possible, I would love to know what everyone thinks and if you like the direction that its going, this particular image is a detail from a larger landscape which I haven't finished yet but have been using as a foundation for some new experiments

cmon baby light my fire-little wedding


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