Monday, 14 March 2011

my thai dream detail 1


This week has been a quiet week, I finished an entry for the cover of catch22 and also finished the first of my big 5 series (5 big landscapes done on illustrator), this one is inspired by my recent trip to Thailand, I did add some of my own surreal ideas to it as well, which you will all see soon.

While inspecting it yesterday I realized that because of its scale it would be hard for everyone to see the details if I just uploaded it as one piece, that got me to thinking about how each square is a different story and they deserve their own introductions, so I'm testing out an idea...

I'm uploading each square individually over the course of the next week so by the time I finally upload the whole image you'll already be familiar with all its inhabitants, so here's the first detail.......

my thai dream under detail1
my thai dream detail1

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