Thursday, 17 March 2011

my thai dream detail4

has been a very long day today, had a not so fun look at wedding dresses around midday and had the sales lady do a proper number on me, she managed to convince me in to really loving this dress that is almost the complete opopsite of what i want, was about to go get the contracts to complete the sale and then when i told her i didn't have the money to pay the deposit straight away turned from being my best friend to looking at me like i was complete scum and almost chucking me out of the shop(after telling me what lengths she had gone to to find me these dresses) was a very weird experience and not something i would like to repeat, it was like the air changed in the shop as soon as she realized she wouldn't be making the sale straight away

but i have found a dress-will tell more when i actually own it otherwise i feel like ill be cursing myself

anyway, have another delectable detail from my landscape to show you all, hope you're enjoying this as much as I am, its much more fun slowly introducing something, especially after you spend so long on it.... 

my thai dream detail 4

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