Thursday, 28 April 2011

FJH-Plankton Skum

One of my piece's was uploaded today so thought I'd introduce it to everyone-this is a piece I did about a month and a half ago for Moonpie for a track of his.

The track will be released May 9th on MWM Recordings

It was really a lot of fun to make this piece, recently, when I collaborate with Moonpie he comes to me with an idea which I then add my own twist to. This time he even had a basic layout in his head, which he could draw to a certain point. It was an image I would think of myself anyway, so I found it incredibly easy to create (Moonpie knows my style and what I like to draw).

The process is usually really fast, whereas a landscape takes me 4/6 weeks(maybe longer) I can do an FJH image in about 3-4 days tops, which makes it more exciting in some ways. Obviously though with the landscapes once they're finished the ecstasy and sense of accomplishment is much greater. I often wonder what people must feel like after they've finished really epic things that take management, manpower and lots and lots of time, must be really something.

FJH--plankton skum

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