Monday, 11 April 2011

'Make mine an ice cream' D1: (face off)

Good Morning all!

I am very happy to show you my first detail for make mine an ice cream this lovely mild spring morning, this one I have named face off due to the couples slightly icy and uncomfortable pose, its the smallest home on the landscape but I think probably the most powerful

'Make mine an ice cream' was finished around the same time that my style improved so it has some of the new features(different eyes, turned up noses) but also still retains the childlike simplicity that 'My Thai Dream' has. I made this one a little differently as well, instead of draing out all the lines and then filling in the colour I coloured it in as I went, which means I had the background coloured in before I started on all the people, this I found was a more satisfying and organic process and is something I'll definitely be doing again


Make mine an ice cream: Detail1

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