Monday, 18 April 2011

Make mine an ice cream

And finally here's the finished version of 'Make mine an ice cream'

Make mine an ice cream

Been working a lot on idea's in the last couple of days, getting more landscapes planned and chipping away at the next big digi landscape especially (which I now won't be posting until early June, though there will be a sneaky peak available next Monday fot those who are interested...)

Because of the wedding my head is sort of all over the place, I keep realising the dates getting closer, freaking out, getting excited and then forgetting about it, only to repeat the cycle again. Its still odd to think that in 7 weeks or so I will officially be Mrs Felice Zhukov! In my wildest dreams I never imagined that I'd be getting married at 24 but I guess when you find someone who fulfills you as a friend and companion and understands and forgives all the weird freaky things about your personality then its sort of the next logical step to get yourselves legally bound together. My whole life has been spent obsessing about the next thing, but this will be such a permanent and meaningful act it sort of sits outside of the obsessing and is instead just a very intense rite of passage.

I'm going to be offline now for the next week or so as it gets quite heavy posting all these details across a week, I spend so much time on various sites adding myself to groups and multi posting everywhere that I get a little cross eyed and loose touch with reality to a certain extent, need to get my head back into the actual world for a little while, so don't expect another blog till next Monday, when(As I've already mentioned) I'll be posting a sneaky peak of the next big landscape and a link to my shop, so if anyone fancies it they can buy a proper print of 'Make mine an ice cream'.

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