Monday, 25 April 2011

Under the pale moonlight (sneak peak) + big blog entry

Have had a lovely few days this gorgeous bank holiday.

Firstly Moonpie and I have totally changed nearly every detail about our wedding so now its going to be in London and much less extravagant, which I'm really relieved about!

Secondly, this weekend we went home for the last time ever to my family house:


(Which my parents will be moving out of this Thursday)

I spent all weekend sitting in the garden:


Listening to the birds sing and working on some new projects (which I'll talk about a little more later) while my brother whittled a stick and Moonpie played some crazy racing game. It was a truly wonderful few days, my family are my favourite people in the whole world and although we were sorely missing my sister, who has just got back from her honeymoon, we still managed to have lots of fun. Mostly by playing lots of cards and drinking copious amounts.

We were down to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary, which is on Tuesday(it was easter incidentally, we're not religious so don't really celebrate the holiday). They are a wonderful couple who I've never seen have a proper fight and after 25 years are still truly happy in each others company and relish sharing their lives together. I can genuinely say that they have been a great example of how special, warm and for-filling love can be, for me, my bother and my sister. My mum has written a really touching blog entry about it here (it brought tears to my eyes):

Now to the new projects...

I'm going to be designing Moonpies new cover in the next couple of weeks (his producer name is FJH), it will be inspired by Thailand and will be lots of fun, especially because it means I get to have a little wander down memory lane and go through some of my holiday snaps to find inspiration.
I did actually design him another image last month, which I haven't talked about as I have been waiting for the release so I can upload it. Happily the release is in the next few weeks! So I'll be able to show you all then. 

After the Japanese Tsunami I really felt a strong desire to somehow help them(as I'm sure many other people did), I have no money so the next logical step was for me to create an image that could be donated to the cause. I've been looking round the internet for somewhere I could send this to and found that one of my favourite blogs Illustration Rally has an appeal going. So now I'm in the process of editing it and getting it sent to them, it needs to be as beautiful as possible so its as worthy a donation as I can make,  I'm trying to craft it, choose the right colours and make sure all the details sparkle.

Also have been working away at my new digital landscape(I'm going to start calling them digi-scapes), Its been coming along fantastically,  I've been really enjoying this one, rifling through all sorts of colours to find something luminous and rich enough for each detail. This one isn't set in greenery but instead in a strange snow filled land during the night, so its been fun to create it a little differently, also this is the first digi-scape I've made with my new super detailed technique which has been working better than I could have dreamed. I'm over the moon about how its turning out and can't wait to show you the whole thing, which will begin on the Monday 23rd May.

Here's a sneak peak: 

Under the Pale Moonlight (sneak peak)

There's a couple of other things on the go as well, I'm still working them out now though so will tell you when I know more.

Hope everyone had as good a weekend as mine!

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