Wednesday, 25 May 2011

hi hi (under the pale moonlight detail 2 & 3)

Yesterday night I had no words either so I thought I'd just leave the posting for today and hope that I'd found some language.

This is detail 2 & 3 of 'Under the Pale Moonlight'

With this piece I wanted to side step the foliage which has been a main feature of my other digi-scapes and instead work on the interiors of the squares, making something a little more bubblegum like. I had the colour palette in my head when I started drawing. I knew I wanted pinks and purples to be a main feature and to escape the green a little(I will be returning to the green for my next digi-scape though). So I started by looking through some previous sketches, which I compile in my sketchbooks day by day, these are often reference drawings and imagined scenarios.

With the imagined scenarios, if I'm not feeling particularly inspired, I tend to first of all look at a couple of mind maps that I've been working on over the course of the last few months, which list activities and situations I may use. These tend to get the juices flowing and then stuff will start popping into my head, I always want to include variation, interesting objects I can enjoy sculpting and some sort of sexual encounter so I normally know the basic layout to some degree. I then draw the background pattern and start filling in the squares and circles.

(Still struggling with words a little)

Under the pale moonlight D2

This is a playpen, I wanted to get across the constriction of Childhood, something which is often stated as the freest time of a persons life but is lived out within very strict boundaries.

Under the Pale Moonlight D3

This is some ice skating, I'm really pleased with how the skaters trail interacts with the background and how much energy is in the detail, it was also lots of fun creating her outfit!

I'll be posting another illo today as well, a piece I did yesterday for the lovely Amelias magazine ..

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