Tuesday, 10 May 2011

voting is now over

Thank you anyone who voted for me, I have been amazed and very warmed by the fact that so many people supported me and left me such lovely comments on the site, it really makes the whole process worth it when you have such a wonderful loving support network who believe in what you do-so thank you!
The final scores are here for anyone interested......

I do actually have some other news, which while voting was happening I didn't really feel like I could post about. My work for Illustration Rallys Ganbare Nippon (Japanese Tsunami Appeal) was uploaded on to their website on Friday afternoon (link here).
(you can also see it on my commissions/submissions page on the left)

I'm really proud of this image, to begin with I just did a few sketches, I was sitting outside in the sunshine in the countryside so there were lots of natural forms buzzing around my head but nothing really seemed to be turning out right so I decided to have a look for references. I knew I wanted to include geisha, as thats an aspect of Japans culture I've always been fascinated by. So, I had a look around, found a couple of fantastic images and then just went to town. This image was again quite quick to produce, in fact I think my process has changed a little, now I sketch for maybe 30 mins-an hour trying to map out my idea and once I hit a reasonable composition I begin the hard labour of filling in all the details and working out the colours. Its so much fun, hope I'll be able to do this sort of thing for the rest of my life.........

Anyway, going to have a relaxing day of painting today and then in the evening I'll be working on my new digi-scape 'Under the pale Moonlight'  which will be online on the 23rd May. This time round I'm probably just going to post 3/5 details and not post on the weekends- this needs more thinking on though.

Thanks again!

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  1. Felice, you're Japanese submission is beautiful - I hadn't seen it until today and I wish I had as I would have told you face-to-face how wonderful it is. It literally jumped off the page at me....such talent xxxx


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