Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dubstep things

Morning everyone,

I did mean to post yesterday but wasn't really in any sort of condition to do that, plus I had one of my final dress fittings, which went really well. I had been worrying that I wouldn't fit into my dress as I've never had to maintain my weight before, but it was all fine, so now I'm just counting down the days till the ceremony(8). For anyone who does read the blog, I will be posting photographs of the wedding after it happens- which I'm very much looking forward to showing you all..

Had a really fun weekend, my sister came down and we went out with a couple of close pals into shoreditch, danced like mad ladies and generally enjoyed the varied and sometimes strange atmosphere that shoreditch normally offers.

Today I think I'm going to try and translate the inbetween place into paint(again). I've been attempting to do this for about 6 months and failing at every try, I don't know why but paint and I have had a strange disruption in what was once a wonderful relationship. Every time I sit down with a brush and my acrylics(which I've now got sitting on my desk, in the hope that it'll inspire me to use them)-it goes horribly wrong, I end up over dissecting every mark, hating it and then discarding it. I originally moved away from painting because I couldn't get good images of my work. Due to the fact that I haven't had a good camera for a very long time, and my scanner, as much as I love it, is only really good for scanning drawings with no colour. This is all going to change very soon, so now I'm starting to think again about what I want to paint. Hopefully today I can makes something work(think i'm going to hack up a piece of mdf and do some painting on wood, which should be a treat).....

Now, most of you may remember me talking about a few commissions I've been working on over the last couple of weeks, they're now finished and ready to show the world!

The first is something I uploaded last week and is already on my commissions page, if anyone checks that regularly. Its a graphic for one of FJH's forthcoming releases called Prik Nam Pla/Moonshine. The image itself was extremely easy to create, as I'd been thinking about it since Thailand. Prik Nam Pla is a type of sauce made from lime, chillies, fish sauce and various other things, that you get all over Thailand. It incredibly tasty, this year I had it as an accompaniment to basically everything I ate in the Thai cafe's. It already looks fantastic, even before you draw it, chillies as a natural form are wonderful, they encase all these delicate but dangerous seeds and are so soft and elegant. So I decided to just draw the sauce from above and then add in the floating man and the ladies in bikini's, which also references the beach culture of Thailand. FJH was quite clear how he wanted the text so the rest of the composition was a walk in the park...

But as always judge for yourself........

FJH-Prik Nam Pla/Moonshine

The second piece is one I'm uploading today, its the commission I finished last week for 3rDi. From inception to eventual product was a pretty long process with this one, I spent a really long time thinking about the image and talking to 3rDi before it came to me. He sent me some images of things he liked and for some reason all I saw was shoes. Which got me to thinking about how i could incorporate that with something cool, a little bit edgy and fun. After doing a google image search (Ricky G- i am extremely interested in this site you mentioned though, not sure how exactly you get invited, need to have another look I think) on trainers the one thing that stood out to me was this sneaky little picture of a rollerskate that had managed to worm its way into the search. So I looked specifically for rollerskates, found some plain ones and went to town on the design. 

I knew I wanted it to be in a relaxed and interesting environment, so had decided on the woods beforehand anyway, but then added some beautiful funktion 1 speakers and drew all the people from imagination. I know it sounds a little odd, but this idea stems from a scene in Tim Burtons masterpiece(in my opinion) 'Big Fish', when Ewan Mcgregor stumbles across the town in the woods. The image of the town Spectre, with its grass thoroughfare and fairy lights has always stuck with me ever since I first saw the film, so in some ways this new piece is a love letter to the film.

Hope you like it.............

3rdi & mojo risin - rollerskate disco

and thats me done for the morning-now to tackle those bloody paints!

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  1. these are really cool!i love the 3rDi one, good variety of dancing poses.also the text on both is great and ties in the with the image well xx


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