Monday, 13 June 2011


Morning all
(I say morning but its just about to turn twelve so I'm currently on the cusp)

Had a completely mental and ridiculous week. Artwise I've been working on a commission, which is nearly complete now and making a submission for society6 (which I'll talk about later). And.... painting! Of course nothing serious, though I am hoping once I have the cash to buy some canvas and medium and to create a new series. Painting is one of the greatest ways of relieving stress and even though I love my digital work and will continue on the righteous path of making it, I do love to paint as well. I find more faults with my paintings but there is no parallel to making something you can touch and love. There is also no parallel to the joy of manipulating paint and just having fun with its texture(I love goo).

Lifewise, I've been going a little cuckoo banana's! I guess sometimes pressure just gets to you, with the wedding, working out how we're going to be entertaining moonpies parents, moving(which we have to do straight after we get back from the honeymoon) and various other things my limit was reached. I'm not going into detail about how silly my behaviour became this week, I think its sufficient just to say that I over reacted to a few things that really weren't as terrible as I built them up to be. I'm sure though that I'm not alone in this, after all 'everybody hurts sometimes'. I guess one of the greatest things you can learn in life is how to channel the crazy energy into productive things as opposed to just letting it all wash over you and take over.

Its my mums birthday today as well-so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOMA! I love you so much!

Now, I'm posting my society6 collaboration today(for their new zine: whiteout-explanation here: WHITEOUT ZINE). You can only work in black and white for this project which I found intriguing and exciting as I'm such a colour fiend. There was no specification on what type of image they wanted and for some reason as I was reading the brief I had this image of teeth in my head. I let the idea sit while I was working on my 3RDI commission but on Wednesday I had a flash of inspiration which I can't explain. It was like the image was calling to me, saying, "Felice, Felice, Its time, You must start on the Whiteout collab now"

I had been searching for references on the internet(due to the fact that I don't have a camera and can't shoot my own at the moment) and was finding NOTHING, all my searches for teeth came up with was blow jobs and gum disease. So I decided just to take a picture on photo booth and use that instead, then I just made it, it took me no more than 3 days and came out better than I expected. I don't exactly know what the image means (though I could bullshit everyone and say it was something about anxiety and confusion perhaps) but I'm really satisfied with it and think I very well may be working in black and white again soon.

But judge for yourself:


It will be online later as a print on my 'commissions and submissions' studio on Society 6


  1. I found this cool website( ) i thought you might like. Its a site where you can look for references (like your teeth without the "blowjobs and gum disease" lol ). If you cant find what you look for you can create these boards and pin "bookmark" any image on the internet onto a single page .

    Its my place to go and find inspiration before i start every project. To sign up you have to be "invited" which takes about a week or two.

  2. Very powerful image felice, not sure if I like it but certainly makes you look at it. Ref "I guess one of the greatest things you can learn in life is how to channel the crazy energy into productive things as opposed to just letting it all wash over you and take over" is one of the truest things you have ever written and shows great maturity - keep the faith sweetie and all will be as it should be in the end. Love Dad xx


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