Monday, 6 June 2011

Wet Monday

Morning all!

Hope everyone is most freshly this morning.

As promised I'm delivering you a more in depth monday morning blog entry but for some reason words are escaping me again so you'll have to bear with me...

Has been an interesting few weeks, I've been chipping away at a couple of commissions (particularly for 3RDI) and some smaller personal works(based on the digi-scapes). Still haven't inked up the next big digi-scape yet so its going to be some time before I post it. Have also had some really interesting idea's for future work, inc some quite unconventional stuff like making a board game, a deck of cards and printing a postcard book with all the digi-scape details on as a more affordable alternative to my prints, which are pricey due to their limited edition status (I would appreciate some feedback on the last idea, if people like it then I'll get some printed next month......)

Other than that in real life I've been out and about more than usual, which has given me some new insights. Because of the fact that I'm in a committed relationship and am a little bit of a workaholic, I rarely venture out to bars these days(art shows are a different matter as I can equate them with work which means I feel like I'm spending my time usefully). Therefore when I went out recently I got to see first hand what I have been missing and to be frank its not that much! The only place that really blew me away was a latin night I stumbled into in the wee hours of the morning. It was quite a magical experience as even though the environment was sexually charged it didn't feel aggressive. It felt liberated and joyful.

The plethora of desperate and strange characters you meet when on a drinking session in London always entertains me and gives me lots of ideas for artwork. As my work is so general and so far reaching literally everything inspires me and coule be included in my digi-scape. So expect some soft sweet faced security guards and spitting men in hats.

I've also been really interested by street cleaners recently. Where I work in central London there's a lot of them, I guess because its a priority for tourism to keep the streets shiny. They are the people that don't filter into peoples views of a London street but are in fact a constant feature, it must be hard and incredibly thankless work but they're there every day doing a service for the community. Yesterday particularly was interesting as it was pretty heavy rain so the street was empty except for one man with his cart. He was dressed in a neon yellow full body suit just sweeping away, I wonder what he was thinking about.........

I'm going to finish off with a little more promotion and a gift, last week I uploaded an old FJH design as t-shirt. Its the first of many(we've been talking a lot about different collaborations we'd like to do recently so expect lots more on that front)

Its available to look at here (or purchase if you're feeling flush) : FJH T-shirt/Hoody

Finally, because you all deserve a little reward for reading all my general ramblings, here is a detail from a future piece, unfinished as yet but looking really good so far!

half time at the ballet sneak peak


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  2. hi ayesha-
    no problem! its always nice to share


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