Monday, 11 July 2011

honeymoon and new things a brewing

So we're back in London after 8 days of jaunting around the countryside....

It has been quite a journey! We finally clocked in at 1500 miles, which is a lot of time spent in a confined space with my new in-laws, and I have to say it was totally fine! I'm incredibly lucky to now have 2 families which I adore and who teach me different things about life.

mama z
Mama Zhukov

Our first stop was in Sussex, we stayed in Brighton on the beach front and went to Hever Castle in the day, which was beautiful, over this trip I fell in love with the really detailed ink drawings that seem to have been in many of the castles we visited(I have some photo's from Bamburgh Castle, which I will post in due course), so much so that I've now started on some little experiments seeing how I can use the techniques in my own work.

Was chaotic to say the least, in our hotel there was a wedding going on when we arrived, which we had to swim through, we also saw about 10 different stag do's and hen parties all around town, plus legions of tourists crawling along the beach, funnily enough on Sunday morning everyone seemed a little slower! 

brighton: bike

brighton beach: the gulls

brighton beach: shadow

brighton beach: umbrellas

brighton beach: bouncey

fjh in his hoody
FJH(Moonpie) In his self titled hoody

Me, already tired(old lady)

Hever Castle
It was extremely pleasant to leave Brighton and get into the countryside, especially as it was a gorgeous day and the journey was cross country. Hever Castles wonder lies in its gardens, which are really special and provide sanctuary from the rest of the world. It's also where Anne Boleyn comes from, who was always my favourite of all of Henry VIII's poor wives, I had to draw her in Primary school and have been fascinated by the Tudors ever since.

hever castle: the castle

hever castle: lazy day

hever castle: reflections

hever castle: spray

hever castle: boating

hever castle: though the gate

as for the new things....... well, now I have a camera that takes decent photo's of my paintings expect some more work created in reality rather than in cyberspace, I'm currently working out how I'm going to transfer the inbetween place into real techniques (because working on the computer can be really miserable work unless you have all the printing options at your disposal to play with at home, I have not seen most of my work in a real setting, only on a screen and thats quite disheartening)

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  1. o wow Hever Castle looks so beautiful! great pics x


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