Tuesday, 12 July 2011

honeymoon pt2 suffolk and kings lynn

On our way from brighton to kings lynn we made a small detour and stopped by my parents studio so they could show the zhukovs what nds is all about. they then led us to shingle street(the local beach) and to snape maltings which i think mama and papa z enjoyed very much, especially as the little tykes then proceeded to curl up and snooze in the back seat while i navigated and phil drove the rest of the way to Kings Lynn. You may see why they loved snape maltings so much from the photographs, its a very special place.

mama and papa on the move

fam at shingle street

the in laws

mama at shingle street

fam at shingle street

papa and boris (my papa in law)

me and tanya (my mama in law)

snape maltings 6

snape maltings 6

snape maltings mama

snape maltings 5

snape maltings 4

snape maltings 2

Kings Lynn
We arrived tired and heavy eyed to Kings Lynn, got our stuff inside and then went for a little wander. Its a really interesting (and strangely quiet) town with some really incredible historic architecture. Unfortunately because the Zhukov's were really keen to go to Edinburgh we only stayed the night in Kings Lynn and then made our way up north....


kings lynn 5

kings lynn 4

kings lynn 3

kings lynn 2

kings lynn 1

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  1. Was lovely to see you honey on route - nice photos. I'm glad you liked Kings Lynn - it was a long shot but it has alot of history if you choose to seek it out. Guess Tanya didn't get to see the lavender....


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