Wednesday, 13 July 2011

honeymoon pt3 bamburgh

Feeling a little sicky today so its going to be a short entry text wise.

Was a stunning place, the castle was truly gorgeous, the weather was foggy and wet(which was perfect for the location) and all the people were extremely friendly and kind.

man down


bamburgh flower

me in a tunnel

moonpie in a tunnel

bamburgh castle

bamburgh castle

unknown men at bamburgh castle

bamburgh castle

canon bamburgh castle

bamburgh castle

bamburgh castle musuem

moonpie enjoying his lens

bamburgh snails

ink drawing in bamburgh cast

bamburgh castle interior

torture chamber bamburgh castle



  1. Those snails are just for me aren't they lady?

  2. Lovely photos - brings back memories...I know what you mean about the folks of the North East, when we stayed at Seahouses just outside Bamburgh when you were little the people on the campsite were incredibly friendly.


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