Thursday, 14 July 2011

honeymoon pt4 into scotland

Bamburgh to Edinburgh was fortunately a pretty speedy journey and was also quite beautiful. We stopped off at the border(which is a tradition in my family that I was trying to pass to the Zhukov's)

It was a fabulous day and the sky was really quite a sight, I felt like I was in a huge expanse stepping out of the car, this probably has something to do with the fact that in London the sky is normally hidden behind vast swathes of buildings so it was nice to be in such an open environment.

moonpie at the border

the border

moonpie at the border


Was a bugger to navigate around initially, we ended up some way from the hotel and had a bit of a trek to find it.


Once in it was a rather wondrous sight, we were staying at the Hilton Caledonian on Princes Street, a beautiful austere hotel. Of course because we got it on a deal our rooms were not quite as exquisite as the lobby(I really really hate the basic Hilton rooms, there's something quite clinical about them).

the caledonian

Still, the amenities were something else, the bar was stocked with 260 different whiskeys, so of course I had to take a photo for my parents who have spent a fairly large proportion of their lives in and around distilleries in Scotland and Ireland.

260 whiskeys at caledonian bar edinburgh

mama z
mama z

moi trying to look regal
me in the lobby


me and moonpie

As for the city, anyone who has been to Edinburgh will know full well what an awe inspiring and historical place it is. If there was anywhere else in the U.K I'd ever move it'd be Edinburgh, the people are wonderful and there's always plenty of cultural things to enjoy.




seagull looking kewl

st giles cathedral




edinburgh castle



I'm pretty sure the Zhukov's enjoyed themselves as well.........

mama and papa z in a tussle


  1. It looks beautiful out there. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures :)

  2. it is a wonderful place-you should visit one day :)

  3. 260 different whiskys...ummmm......whisky......


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