Monday, 18 July 2011

A little reintroduction to my painting


Having a bit of a crisis.

Over the course of my honeymoon I was constantly thinking about painting and oddly enough the prospect of doing more computer based work didn't appeal to me at all. I think this is because even though the work is original and exciting its a really unsatisfying process, I spend hours and hours on my laptop making all these intricate little details that when I finally finish have nowhere to go. They live in digital form on the net or on my computer but because of my relative poverty I rarely get to touch what I've made and even when I do it doesn't have any texture. All my life texture has been my mistress (and colour my wife), without it I feel a little empty inside and unfulfilled.

So I've decided to return to painting for a little while, I don't know when I'll next be making any computer illustrations, I'm sure that I'll probably return to it one day. But for the moment I need to get stuck into some  work that exists outside of the digital medium and allows me to really interact with what I'm doing and have a product at the end of it.

For those who have not seen any of my painted work I've uploaded some of my older stuff. My new series will not have the 3d characters dotted around the canvas like these examples, I'm still not sure exactly what it will be about, I just know that the techniques used in these older pieces are definitely going to be something that I'll be revisiting in the coming months.

Also, as a little treat for those that scroll down to the end, there's a new piece(in progress) which will show you where I'm at so far with my work. I really hope you enjoy them and come back to visit my blog again, I've been wrestling with myself about such a striking style change but my friend Amy told me just to go with my instinct and my instinct says "start painting again!"

Its a jungle out there(2009)

its a jungle out there 2009

details(click to enlarge)
its a jungle out there(detail)  its a jungle out there (detail)  

My favourite place to be(2011)

my favourite place to be 2011

details(click to enlarge)
my favourite place to be (detail)  my favourite place to be (detail)  my favourite place to be (detail)  my favourite place to be (detail)  my favourite place to be (detail)  my favourite place to be (detail)

Cold night(in progress-2011)

cold night(in progress)

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