Sunday, 31 July 2011

moving moving moving

As much as I would love to be posting some new and exciting art today thats unfortunately not the case!

Everything is still super crazy at the moment, since the wedding life has not slowed down but instead accelerated at an alarming pace. My hours have gone up which has cut down the time I have to create and we are moving house so everything is topsy turvy. I packed all my paints up this afternoon and won't be able to get them out until Monday night now.....

Its going to be both liberating and quite sad leaving this place. I've lived here for 2 years, which is the longest I've lived anywhere in London and although it has been quite constricting and lonely sometimes its been a real education. I've certainly changed a lot since living here. I'll especially miss the view from my desk which allows me to spy on all the goings on of Bethnal Green, I certainly won't miss the taxi rank downstairs which keeps me up all hours of the night listening to various drunken strangers babbling rubbish underneath my window!

moving house

moving house

moving house

We'll also have no internet for a week and a half in the new place so yet again I'll be going offline for an extended amount of time so don't expect a new post for at least a week.....


my idea's are really shifting around, I'm starting to feel like I just want to become a pure artist and really focus on making a really interesting and educated body of work that gets across all my views about life. I've been panicking a lot that changing my medium is going to turn people off my work and am starting to question why exactly I make the work anyway and what my beliefs about art are. Creation is a long and ever changing road I guess..........

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