Saturday, 2 July 2011

now i'm a married lady

morning all!
just a quick one this morning as i'm about to start packing for the honeymoon and don't know exactly when i'll be back on the internet

i have a link to my mum's album on facebook here: LINK
if for any reason it doesn't work then do not worry, the photographers images should be ready in 2 weeks maximum so i'll upload a few to flickr then.

as for the day itself, it was wonderful and ran as smoothly as i'd hoped for, the registrar's at hackney town hall were funny and kind, we shared some laughs at the ceremony, especially as i walked in before i was supposed and had to quickly shuffle out and pretend i was never there. then we went to victoria park for some formal photographs and joked about, drinking a little champagne and enjoying the mild weather that was bestowed upon us. then to a bar in shoreditch (i changed on the way though, as i literally couldn't breathe in my dress and nearly fainted when i got out of the taxi)

we all relaxed a bit, several members of the wedding party went home and the core that was left went to bethnal green to drink on until closing time.

i'm so grateful to everyone who came and those who couldn't make it, or weren't invited and still offered their congratulations. it was a really small intimate wedding and many people weren't there who would have been if the budget had been bigger but in many ways the smaller size was an asset because it meant most of the guests got to talk to each other and everyone was included in the revelries.

so now i have a shiny ring on my left hand, which i keep looking at and an even shinier husband, who i can't take my eyes off either.

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  1. Hugs and smiles - so happy you are a happy Mrs Russian Princess.

    Love to both of you see you on monday


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