Sunday, 21 August 2011

'Are you out there?' Begins.......

Have finally got some new artwork to put online!

This is the first piece of my new series 'Are you out there?' (called 'Are you out there my friend?') its a small painting which I worked on all over the house. Small canvases are quite intimate and limiting, they sort of become a part of me as i work on them and once i've finished i still carry it round for a couple of days, to check its ok.

This idea came to me very suddenly, I have been struggling for weeks trying to find a subject to paint, starting canvases and then discarding them and feeling like my work was hollow and totally meaningless, we were disconnected from the internet and I was getting fascinated by street cleaners. Then I came back on line, had a little run through my work, saw the provisional title I had given the series and BAM started painting straight away.

'are you out there my friend?' full painting

They're supposed to be people encased by their feelings(the faces round the edges) floating in nothingness.

'are you out there my friend?' D2

The medium underneath I did before I had the idea, although I quite like it I'm now doing larger pieces with quite flat surfaces and building into them. But you'll have to wait and see what they look like! For now have a gander at where my work is currently heading.

'are you out there my friend?' D1

Hope you like it!

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  1. loving the textures on this!, especially the little eye like blobs surrounding the figure. the facial expression is also nice, like his eyes! x


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