Tuesday, 16 August 2011

back online

Have been away due to the fact that we moved a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a connection

Its been a rocky few weeks! Full of confusion and worry which frustratingly I can't really go into detail about, suffice to say I now don't have a job anymore and am floating in limbo trying to work out what I'm doing with my with my life (I think lots of people go through the same thing at this age, wish i was more sorted in my head though).

something on fire in north east london, post riots
post riots from my terrace, don't know what was on fire.....

The new place is fabulous though, our housemate is a total gem and the space is pretty inspiring. I've been painting pretty solidly in the time i've been away but am not sure quite what I'm doing with it. I'm torn between my imaginative work and what I'm seeing on the streets, have been taking lots of photo's from the top of double decker buses, it started because I'm to shy to point the camera at random strangers on the street and has taken on a life of its own. On Sunday I travelled on the 106 all the way to finsbury park from bethnal green(I was curious about how Hackney looked after the riots as well, we got some madness in Bethnal, a few smashed windows etc but were not quite as badly hit as Hackney, though going through the high street on the bus things didn't look to destroyed.....).

money shop bethnal green, post riots
Bethnal green after the riots

some of the photo's I took on the bus on Sunday(I have many but at this stage am just posting ones where you can't see peoples faces)........

gentleman at the pharmacy

unknown mother

Finally I have a treat for everyone. This is my last digital illustration from the inbetween place series, I finished it just before the wedding and have decided to upload it in full quality, if anyone wants a copy you can just download it from flickr. Consider it a parting gift from this particular style, which may resurface one day but not anytime soon.

half time at the ballet

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