Sunday, 28 August 2011

New Works

Have been head deep in lots of stuff this week, especially a project which me, my brother and sister and a few friends are trying to get off the ground, at this point can't go into to much detail about exactly what it is, all I can say is watch this space come mid November for something rather exciting.

um logo

I have also been painting though, got a good 7/8 hours in yesterday of just me, my headphones and various sized brushes. Its actually starting to become a really cathartic process for me now, if everything in my head starts overloading I know after 10 minutes in front of a canvas my brain switches down a level and I can breathe normally again, not sure if its the fact that I'm in control completely of what I'm doing or that i just love to paint but thank goodness I have it in my life!

are you out there hombre(in progress)
((new painting in progress))

Been loving the glow in the dark paint recently, it adds a completely new element to my work. Unfortunately its really difficult to photograph so I'll probably be spending today trying to get one good image to post up tomorrow.

underneath the canvas

Since we moved EVERYTHING has dramatically changed in almost every aspect, I'm still on the job hunt (to some degree, though have got some receptionist work in a yoga studio starting in a couple of weeks and a very hopeful lead in a cafe with adjoining gallery in Shoreditch, if there's one thing I've learnt though its that nothing is 100% certain until it actually happens so I still have my fingers crossed). Also my free time has totally changed, instead of numbing my brain with films I've started to find music and books again(our housemate gave me a few albums the other day, have been bobbing my head to braintax for the last couple of weeks and started 'To Kill a Mockingbird' again), which means all the things I was pining for in our box room are actually coming true!

my current setup

Its almost more disconcerting when everything happens according to plan though, I'm not sure exactly how to articulate this, I guess when you're used to compromising its confusing when suddenly you get what you want. 

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