Monday, 19 September 2011


Had a pretty adventurous week this week.........

me and my daisy

Finally managed to find a new job which is a huge relief! (and also a really great place to work, really relaxed people and a fantastic working environment, which is a rare thing to say on the first week of employment, or has been for me anyway)

Also had my wee sis over, which has been fantastic as she is my best friend as well and I love her to piece's. For the first 17 years of my life we shared a room together and incredibly, during that time, we never really argued to much and we never really hated each other. I think it was because we shared so many things creatively and made a sport of finding exciting music and art to show each other so our relationship became extremely collaborative (she featured quite heavily in some of my first video art that i did at college, which I will pick up again some day).

Our bedroom in itself was a crazy place, my sister has decorated her wall in all the colours of the rainbow and hung things up, she's a really creative person and it was reflected in our decoration, have actually uploaded a few photographs to show you what I mean.

old bedroom
my sisters wall(in part, it was much bigger that this)

my sister on the roof
my sister and glow stars

old bedroom
my part of the room

Back to this week, everyone is still ill, have managed to pass on the cold to Moonpie and I think Mr Ctek may be in the process of catching it as well, so we decided to keep it pretty tame. I popped over to Brick Lane festival in the day on Saturday, which was really chaotic and then we went out for food and drinks with Daisy(my sister) and her friend Jess Green, who is a poet particularly interested in Spoken word and a really interesting girl.

At the bus stop on the way home we had some fun taking jumping shots......

FJH and CTEK jumping
FJH and Ctek jumping

me and my daisy (sister)
me and dais having a go as well(I have to credit Mr Ctek for this amazing shot)

I also got some amazing shots of the lights on the riverside, which I'm actually pretty proud of as I've been trying to get good shots of this scene for the last 6 years and failing dismally (my small achievement this weekend!)

blackfriars bridge
blackfriars bridge

london eye
the london eye

Mostly though we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. It has been a wonderful, loving weekend.

my sister in the wall


As for my work, its coming along really well! I think I've cracked the painting thing finally and managed to find a style that has the same depth and richness of my digital work. Have been steadily working on my painting and forming idea's.........


studio plus me

studio (new piece in progress)

Going to be working on FJH's new single artwork today, which should be really fun as its not going to be a completely digital piece but instead a little photographic, watch this space for more details........

And, I think thats it!

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  1. Finally got around to catching up with all your blog posts - you have been busy :-)
    Hope Phil is ok now - we're looking fwd to seeing you next month - until then happy painting, and so glad you've found a place to work that you like so much...
    Love Dad x


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