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My name is Felice and I hail from the rural landscapes of the Suffolk countryside but now reside in the slightly less leafy hustle of East London. Where I enjoy the urban jungle plenty, loving the morphing graffiti covered walls, the chaos at every corner and the huge variety of people I get to spy on from my studio.

Personal work

previous project

I've just finished a digital series of large digital landscapes inspired by 'The Garden Of Eartly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch.

They work as a hierarchical system divided into 3 layers, at the very top of each landscape sits the governing power of that land, surrounded by its enforcers, usually you cannot see the building in question fully. On the second layer (the diamond shapes) sits the public places such as bars/strip clubs/swimming pools, these are open and usually a little chaotic. On the third and final layer (the circular shapes) sits the homes of 'the people'.

current project

I'm currently developing a new series of paintings, watch this space for more info!


I take a select amount commissions as a freelance illustrator(see my commissions and submissions page for examples of my work).
Previous clients include:
Catch 22 Magazine, Pocketful Mag, Amelias Magazine, The Tasting Sessions, FJH, 4D Presents, Sub:versive Ldn, Illustration Rally, In the Red 8, HG Recordings, 1point5, 3RDi, Mojo Risin





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